Tandoori Portobello Mushroom £5.95
Marinated & filled with figs, cashew nuts, raisins, green chilli, curry leaf & homemade cheese in a dressing  
Tikki Teen Tarike Se £5.50
Assorted Gallettes of Jersey Royal Potato, Green Pea & Red Kidney Beans
Pan seared mackerel, green apple and coriander salsa £5.95
Spiced with fennel, mustard and black onion seeds
Chukandari venison £7.50
Tenderised with beetroot, seasoned with fennel, from the tandoor
Tandoori Ratan £7.50
Rajasthani Smoked Lamb Chop, Chicken, Seekh Kebab & Basil Marinated - King Prawn
Gilafi Reshmi £5.50
Skewered kabab of ground chicken with ginger, green chillies, cheese and spices; finished with mixed peppers, green smith apple chutney
Lamb Barra Kabab £6.50
Afghani style lamb cutlets marinated in spices slow cooked in tandoor
Coriander Lime Chicken Tikka £5.25
Corn-fed chicken served coconut roasted tomatoes and sesames seed ralish
Scallops Teen Tarike Se - Scallops three ways £6.25
Coriander lime, coastal coconut, tomatoes lime leaf
Jungle style char grill lamb kebab £5.50
Hunters favourite grilled lamb escalope’s served with fresh mint sauce
Spicy Soft Shell Crab £6.75
Marinated in green pepper corn lemon sauce, coated in home made batter semolina deep fried served with spicy fig & prunes sauce
Tandoori Aatish-e-Jingha on grilled pineapple £7.50
Jumbo prawns marinated in English mustard, carom, yoghurt & special spices
Spicy Crab and masala potatoes cake £5.95
Sholay Salmon Tikka £6.50
Home smoked salmon marinated with dill and mustard. Served with plum sauce
Punjabi samosas Veg / Lamb £4.95
Wrapped in home made filo pastry
Onion Bhaji £4.50
Main Course
Goan Sea bass £14.50
In coconut, mustard seed & curry leaf flavoured served with dhokla (semolina cake)
Oxtail Rogon Josh £13.95
One of the signature recipes of Kashmiri cuisine
Dorset crab meat £12.95
Cooked in Vindaloo spices served with plain rice
Parsi Gosht Zardaloo £13.50
A parsi community favourite, lamb cooked with apricot and straw potatoes
Travancore Chicken Curry £13.50
Diced chicken cooked in a lovely pepper masala made from garlic, mustard seeds, curry leaves, green chillies and ginger
Dumpukht Biryani £14.95
Famous recipe from Delhi, finest basmati rice cooked on Dum (sealed with a pastry lid) with welsh lamb or corn fed chicken & spices, served with raita
Halibut, South Indian White Crab Meat £14.95
Tomatoes lime leaf sauce with Micro Greens
Lucknowi Shahi Kofta (V) £11.95
Deep fried potatoe croquettes filled with almond sultana simmered in a rich creamy sauce
Jingha Malabar £14.95
Simmered in a coconut cream, pepper and curry leaf sauce, served with coconut rice
Lahori Tawa Lamb Chops £14.50
A Pakistani recipe, marinated with papaya, cooked with rich garam masala, slice of garlic nan
Moru Kachiathu (V) £11.95
An unusual combination of sweet mango and green banana cooked in yoghurt with green chillies, ginger and fresh curry leaves. A sweet and sour dish that is highly recommended
Motimahal Butter Chicken £12.95
In creamy butter & tomato sauce with ginger and crushed fenugreek leaves served with baby nan
Rajasthan Laal Maas £13.50
Spicy lamb with roasted red chillies from the land of Forts and Palaces
Pistachio Chicken Korma £12.95
Corn fed chicken breast cooked in rich pistachio sauce served with aromatic basmati rice
Lobster in Kerala spices £22.95
Delicately cooked with coconut and ginger in Keralian spices
Lababdar Chicken Tikka £12.95
Fresh tomatoes, onions, capsicum, fresh cream and exotic Indian spices, made popular by erstwhile mughal emperors of Delhi
Kashmiri Style Lamb Shank £13.95
Slow cooked with ginger, mint and spices served with masala potatoes
From the Grill
Tandoori Hariyali Bream £14.50
Mint & coriander, tomato kachumber
Chargrill Rack of lamb £18.50
Spicy mint sauce, masala potatoes
Tandoori Rubiyan Duck with roasted Tiger prawn £14.95
Glazed with pomegranate and star anise, served with tossed garlic baby spinach salad
Peshawari Lamb Chops £14.50
Lamb chops marinated with Fresh ginger paste, raw papaya & selected herbs and spices
Ajwaini Wild Jumbo Prawn with shrimp kedgree £14.95
Carom seed, Red pepper mustard yoghurt marinade, allepey sauce
Char-grill Jingha £14.95
Marinated with ginger, yoghurt, paprika, ground spices, dried mango and ajwain seeds
Gilafi Sheek Kabab £11.95
freshly minced lamb meat with garlic, green chilli, cheese, garam masala, finished with mixed peppers
Kebab Platter £14.95
An assortment of sizzling kebabs Sheek Kebab, Salmon Tikka, Malai Tikka and Lamb cutlet
Tandoori Chicken £10.50
In sizzling peri peri spices
Hyderabadi Malai Chicken Tikka £12.95
Corn-fed Chicken marinated with freshly roasted ground spice, brown onion, hang yoghurt and egg white, baked in tandoor oven, green smith apple chutney
Chicken Tikka Shashlik £12.95
Served with charred red peppers, red onions & tomatoes
Tandoori Salmon £14.50
Mint, dill and carom seeds
Barwan Panir Shaslik (V) £11.95
Home made cottage cheese filled with spice assorted bell pepper
Tandoori Sabzi (V) £11.95
Cauliflower, broccoli, red & green peppers, shitake mushrooms, eggplant, red onions
Stir-fry Okra with raw mango £4.75
Mushroom bhaji £4.75
Sag Paneer £4.75
Spinach with cottage cheese
Jeera Aloo £4.50
With cumin
Dhall Makhani £4.50
Slow cooked black lentil, a speciality of North West Frontier
South Indian style stir fry vegetables £4.50
Sesame Baby Aubergine £4.75
With mustard and curry leaf sauce
Aloo Gobi £4.50
Potatoes with cauliflower
Katchumber salad £3.25
Indian style
Boondi raita £2.95
Pomegranate or Cucumber Raita
Tadka Dhall £4.50
Butternut Squash Masala £4.50
Bread Basket
Missi Roti £2.25
onion, ginger, green chilli, coriander and ajwain
Dates and ginger Nan £2.95
Bread basket £5.75
Selection of 3 choice of bread
Lachcha Paratha £2.25
Chapatti £1.85
Naan £1.95
Garlic Nan £2.25
Peshawari Nan £2.95
(sweet, almond)
Keema Nan £3.50
Mince lamb
Malai Nan £2.75
Soft cheese filling
Papadoms & Chutneys £1.35
(Per person)
Sade Chawal £2.95
Basmati rice
Zaffrani Pulao £3.25
Braised rice with browned onions, cumin and saffron
Lemon Rice £3.75
Special Fried Rice £3.95
Mushroom Rice £3.95
Mango and coconut Brûlée Cheesecake £4.95
Pear and Almond Tart £4.95
Strawberry and Raspberry Sundae £4.95
Warm Chocolate Pudding with Vanilla ice cream £4.96
Tandoori pineapple with coconut ice cream £4.50
Gajar ka Halwa with coconut ice cream £4.50
Gulab Jamun with Vanilla ice cream £3.95
kulfi (Pistachio / Almond / Mango) £3.95
Ice Cream (Chocolate / Vanilla / Coconut) £3.95
Sorbet (Lemon/ Mango / Raspberry) £3.95
Hot Beverages and Tea and Coffees
Fresh Mint Tea £2.75
Indian Masala Chai £2.95
English Breakfast Tea £2.25
Peppermint Tea £2.25
Filter Coffee £2.50
Cappuccino £2.95
Espresso (single or double) £2.25 / 3.25
Liqueur Coffee ( French / Irish / Calypso) £4.95
Liquers and Digestifs
Noble Semillon 2012, Mitchell, Clare, South Australia £22.95 / (125ml glass) £6.25
Cockburn's Fine Ruby Port £3.95
Harvey's Medium Dry Sherry £3.95
Brandy (VS/ VSOP) £3.50 / 4.50
Tia Maria, Sambuca, Cointreau, Drambuie £3.95