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Eating food, which excites and delights; is one of the simplest yet most fundamental joys. As a species, humans have created wonders beyond the imagination of our forebears and gained knowledge, which would seem like magic to those from an earlier age but what joins us to every person who has ever existed is the need to live and the desire to live well.

This luxurious necessity has inspired us at Namaaste Kitchen, which is a phenomenal instance of a best Indian restaurant in London. It is this drive, that lead chef-patron Sabbir Karim create a space to make fine Indian and Pakistani cuisine and put together a team to whom hospitality means the world. Their combined efforts have meant that Namaaste Kitchen has come to the attention of those who value what they eat and where they eat it – each person who enjoys their meal and time with us is as valuable to us as a family member and some of them have chosen to give us plaudits, including:
Best Chef of the Year 2012,
Evening Standard Critics Choice from Fay Maschlor
Best Innovative Chef 2013
Best Chef of the Year 2014

Our food, our service and our people have lead The Telegraph, Time Out, The Guardian and The Evening Standard to recognise Namaaste Kitchen as an outstanding place to eat, to drink and to spend time. To extend this further we have been running Namaaste Hospitality since 2014. No matter what the occasion, we would be delighted in catering for your event. For more information on our Pakistani & Indian catering services, please call:0207 485 5977

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